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Discover the most beautiful corners of Bavaria and beyond

Be spontaneous and just help yourself to a car! With our best price guarantee on top.

BeeZero keeps it super simple for you. You pay 5.50 € per hour and then a fixed price for the driven kilometres, while we automatically calculate the most favourable tariff for you. This means that you don't have to think ahead about which one of our driving packages you'll be booking, because you'll always get the best price. Guaranteed!

Our packages

Bee a pioneer

6 hours

€ 49

  • 100 km included

Bee by the lake

12 hours

€ 79

  • 150 km included

Bee an adventurer

24 hours

€ 99

  • 200 km included

Bee a two-day traveller

48 hours

€ 149

  • 250 km included

Our simple guide to pricing

With BeeZero, you can go on a trip to the mountains or have a relaxed day at the lake without emissions – but not without the convenience of a car.

How it works: You can get a car for only € 5.50 and then you pay a fee per kilometre. Moreover, you don't have to choose one of our driving packages in advance as you will be automatically charged the most favourable price. That's our best price guarantee! It allows you to stay an hour longer at the lake or have another cup of coffee.

Just jump in and drive off!

All the details

Registration fee

When you sign up to BeeZero, there is a one–off € 19 fee. After that, you only pay for the use of the car. No running fees. No hidden costs.


The first 60 minutes of your reservation are for free. From then on, you pay the regular tariff of € 5.50/hour .

Base prices

You pay a time tariff of € 5.50/hour and a kilometre tariff of € 0.29/km . Payment is exact to the minute.

Night price

Between midnight and 6 a.m., there is no time tariff to pay. If you're driving at this time, you will only pay € 0.29/km .

Good to know: All prices include insurance and fuel.

Service fees

Questions? Have a look at our FAQs .