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Formula of hydrogen

Say hello to hydrogen

  • It supplies more energy than any other fuel.
  • It's more friendly to the environment.
  • This time, you can believe the hype.

Hydrogen is the most frequently found element in the universe. It's found in almost everything, so there's no danger of running out. It supplies more energy than any other fuel, it's more friendly to the environment and has huge potential for zero-emission mobility. By switching to hydrogen, we'll reduce the stress we put on fossil fuels and do something good for the environment.

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Hydrogen from Linde – from A to Zero

Our knowledge and our innovations cover everything from renewable hydrogen production, storage and distribution to dispenser manufacturing for fueling stations and infrastructures for bus fleets, material handling vehicles and cars. Complemented by our wide range of services along the entire hydrogen value chain, our capability stretches from A to Zero.

Hydrogen tank

How do we make hydrogen?

Linde uses different technologies to make hydrogen from conventional and renewable energy sources. Today, we are already able to produce pure, green hydrogen.

Ok, but how does it work in a car?

Our hydrogen cars are equipped with an H 2 fuel cell and an electric motor. At a fueling pump, you fill the hydrogen tank, just like at a normal gas station, in the same time it takes to fill a normal car. Inside the fuel cell of the car, the hydrogen reacts with oxygen drawn in from the ambient air. The hydrogen molecules separate and create two things: electricity to power the electric motor, and water. Pure water so clean that you could drink it. That's what zero emissions means.