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Find a car

Look around and you will find one of our 50 BeeZero cars in the centre of Munich!

Our zone-based carsharing has its home in Schwabing, Haidhausen, Au and Glockenbach – these are the areas where you will find the cars and these are also the areas to where you have to return them after your ride.

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How it works


We want you to be able to enjoy a zero-emission journey anytime. That's why we have 50 BeeZero cars waiting for you around the centre of Munich. You'll find our cars in Schwabing, Haidhausen, Au and Glockenbach.


So you can make the most of your day and weekend activities, our zone-based carsharing offers optimum flexibility, with no advanced reservations or return times required.

Parking zones

With 15 parking zones, all of our cars have their own ‚homezone‘ where you can collect and return them. Our app will guide you, so you can find your ‚homezone‘ easily.