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FAQ for the BeeZero carsharing service

General questions about hydrogen mobility:

How can hydrogen be produced?

Hydrogen (H 2 ) is the third most abundant element in the earth's surface and bound in water and any organic matter. Therefore, hydrogen can be produced from “conventional“, i.e. fossil energy sources such as coal, oil or natural gas as well as from “sustainable“ energy sources such as wind power and biomass. Water-based hydrogen production is an electrolysis process where water is split into hydrogen and oxygen with the aid of electricity. Besides electrolysis, the conversion of biomass into pure hydrogen represents another type of “green“ hydrogen production, due to the use of a renewable resource.

Linde develops and pilots various pathways for eco-friendly and renewable hydrogen production. In fact, the hydrogen used for our BeeZero carsharing service is exclusively produced from renewables.

Is hydrogen an “infinite“ energy carrier in contrast to conventional fuels?

Hydrogen is the most abundant element in universe and a component of water and any organic matter. Hydrogen is no finite resource, but an energy carrier that allows a non-consuming energy supply. Hydrogen can be produced from any primary energy source hence entirely without the use of fossil fuels.

How does a fuel cell electric vehicle (FCEV) work?

Fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs) combine hydrogen fuel cells with an electric propulsion system. The fuel cells create the power for the on-board electric motor by recombining hydrogen and oxygen, thus creating water and energy. This electrochemical process is the reversed electrolysis, transforming chemical binding energy into electrical energy. The generated energy powers the electric motor as well as the control electronics and further electronic devices such as air conditioning.

How dangerous is the handling of hydrogen compared to conventional fuel?

Hydrogen is an odorless and colorless gas, which is neither carcinogenic, nor toxic, nor a water pollutant. Therefore, hydrogen is significantly more healthy and eco-friendly than conventional fuel. The fuel cell technology fulfils all the required fire tests and crash tests, equivalent to tests designed for conventional internal combustion engines. Regarding flammability, the same rules apply as for conventional fuels. Both hydrogen and conventional fuels are flammable/explosive as soon as a certain mixing ratio of air and gas is reached, so that ignition sources (such as cigarettes) should be avoided when handling either hydrogen or gasoline.

What are the differences between fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs) and battery electric vehicles (BEVs)?

Fuel cell electric vehicles belong to electric cars as well as battery electric vehicles. Both are powered by an electric motor, but the energy storage systems are different. In FCEVs the energy is stored via hydrogen. To power the on-board electric motor the fuel cell converts this stored energy into electricity. In contrast, BEVs receive their electric al energy directly from a battery. Compared to BEVs, the range of FCEVs is significantly larger. While we anticipate a range of more than 400 km for the Hyundai ix35 Fuel Cell, the range of a BEV such as the BMW i3 is limited to slightly more than 150 km.

How eco-friendly (“green“) is hydrogen when used as an alternative fuel?

Hydrogen as an alternative fuel allows the realization of “green“ and sustainable mobility. In the fuel cell, hydrogen and oxygen are recombined (reversed electrolysis), producing just water and energy (zero emissions).

Besides the final application being free of greenhouse gas emissions, it is also necessary to consider the hydrogen production process. Hydrogen can be obtained from any form of primary energy, whether renewable or conventional. Eco-friendly hydrogen can be produced using sustainable feedstocks such as biomass or water in combination with renewable electricity generation. (see: “How can hydrogen be produced?“)

Does the use of hydrogen as an alternative fuel produce greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide?

Hydrogen can be used in different ways to power vehicles. In order to provide zero-emission mobility, BeeZero bases its carsharing service only on fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs) which produce and emit only pure water (see also: “How does a fuel cell electric vehicle (FCEV) work?“).

A few years ago, internal hydrogen combustion engines were used, which consisted of conventional combustion engines powered by hydrogen. Such internal hydrogen combustion engines produce pollutants such as nitrogen oxides or CO 2 . These combustion engines should not be confused with the fuel cell technology.

How efficient is hydrogen as an alternative fuel?

The efficiency of hydrogen as an alternative fuel strongly depends on the selected production method because each method causes a different energy demand. BeeZero's carsharing fleet is powered by sustainably produced hydrogen, so that the following efficiency evaluation focuses on "green" hydrogen produced via electrolysis.

The energy efficiency of the electrolysis is about 60 % to 65 %. To determine the efficiency of the fuel cell electric vehicles, the total energy demand, including compression and, if required, transport, has to be considered. As part of the on-site petrol supply which means hydrogen production on site, the transport losses are negligible. The overall efficiency without transport losses is about 27.5 % to 30 % (electricity to operating power) which is comparable to overall efficiency of conventional fuels.

How does the fuel cell affect driving pleasure and driving experience?

The combination of an electric motor and a hydrogen fuel cell within a fuel cell electric vehicle allows an efficient and powerful performance as well as a quiet driving experience. In contrast to conventional combustion motors, electric vehicles are quiet, but, due to the use of a fuel cell, provide an equivalent performance. The Hyundai ix35 Fuel Cell, for instance, has a motor power of 100 kW or 136 hp, respectively, and an acceleration of 0-100 km/h in 12.5 seconds.

How much does hydrogen cost compared to conventional fuels?

According to the manufacturer, the hydrogen vehicles of the type Hyundai ix35 Fuel Cell (FC) consume an average of 0.95 kg of hydrogen per 100 km. A kilogram of hydrogen currently costs € 9.50 incl. VAT.

For further information, please visit the following Linde Group website: Website Linde Group .

General questions about BeeZero:

What does the brand name “BeeZero“ stand for?

The brand name “BeeZero“ represents a new, eco-friendly mobility alternative (with zero emissions). The name is a positive call to action to consumers to experience hydrogen-powered mobility by Linde and become part of a growing community of progressive, eco-minded individuals. The word “Bee“ in the brand name can be seen as a symbol for nature, for the protection of our environment and for a community that works together for a common goal.

What is the philosophy behind the BeeZero carsharing service?

BeeZero is a carsharing service and therefore offers an eco-friendly and modern form of mobility. The innovative hydrogen technology provides the chance to reduce greenhouse gas emissions as well as inner-city traffic noise without sacrificing the convenience offered by a car.

Why does BeeZero focus on hydrogen instead of e-mobility?

We believe in zero-emission mobility. One big advantage of hydrogen is, compared to battery electric vehicles that the range of fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs) is much larger. Furthermore, the fueling of a hydrogen powered car is much faster (about three minutes) than the charging of a BEV.

Thanks to the long history of Linde as a gases and engineering company, we profit from a very extensive hydrogen technology expertise. First and foremost, our aim with BeeZero is to bring H 2 mobility to the end users, to give them a first-hand hydrogen mobility experience, to inspire them and to start a new movement.

Who can benefit from the BeeZero carsharing service?

The BeeZero carsharing service is an eco-friendly alternative to your own car or company car. It addresses the private as well as the business demand for mobility. In addition to the citizens of Munich, tourists can also benefit from the BeeZero carsharing service and go sightseeing in and around Munich using an innovative hydrogen vehicle.

Besides the end users, who benefit from the new, value-adding carsharing service, the city of Munich and its society can also benefit from zero-emission mobility. A reduction of pollution and inner-city traffic noise significantly improves the quality of life. Furthermore, the entire H 2 industry can profit from important impulses and practical experiences as well as from the additional promotion for hydrogen as a fuel.


How do I register?

The BeeZero app and BeeZero website offer an online registration platform. To validate your personal data and your driver's license, you can visit one of our partner stores (e.g. Deutsche Post). Further details about our partners and their locations can be found on our website. In the future, an online validation platform will also be provided; we will keep you posted on the availability of this online tool.

To use our offer, you just need to install the BeeZero app.

What should I do when the registration process cannot be completed successfully?

If you are struggling with the registration process, please contact the Customer Service (e-mail: [email protected] ; phone number: (0049 89 125034477) .

On which platforms is the BeeZero app applicable?

The app is currently applicable on android-based smartphones and on iPhone devices. To download and use the app you need at least the operation system android 4.3 or iOS 8.

Where can I download the BeeZero app?

You can download the free BeeZero app from the Google Play Store (Android) or the Apple App Store.

What data are required for the registration process?

The registration process requires personal data such as name, address, contact details and the information about the preferred payment method as well as a driver's license validity check (see: “How and where is the driver's license validity checked“).

If user will choose the online validation in the future, data is transferred and stored during the process by our partners. For further information please refer to our privacy statement .

Where and how can I make changes to my customer data/account?

To change and refresh your personal data please log in and use the function “myBeeZero“ that shows up on the BeeZero website. Please keep in mind that data of your ID card or your driver's license can only be refreshed by the Customer Service (e-mail: [email protected] ; phone number: (0049 89 125034477) .

How and where is the driver's license validity checked?

The driver's license validity and the personal data have to be checked subsequent to the online registration process. This can be done at one of our partner stores (e.g. Deutsche Post) – details about the partner stores can be found on the BeeZero website . To check your data, please bring the “K-number“ that you receive in your email, the driver's license and the ID card with you. A validation based on a passport furthermore requires a registration card to enables a validation of your address.

An online platform to check the driver's license validity will be made available at a later date.

Which driver's licenses are accepted?

To use the BeeZero carsharing service, you need an EU driver's license (class B) or a card respectively paper driver's license of Class 3, issued by a German public authority before 19.01.2013. A valid driver's license from abroad permitting the use of a BeeZero vehicle will also be accepted. The Linde Hydrogen Concepts GmbH reserves the right to reject registrations, if reasonable doubts about the validity of a driver's license exist.

Is the driver's license validity checked periodically?

As part of the registration process, you have to enter the data of your valid driver's license (one year without interruption). Driving without a valid licence is prohibited and will be prosecuted. To re-prove the authorisation, BeeZero reserves the right to request the driver's license validation process in periodical intervals (General terms and conditions, 2.3.3). The customer can choose between the different partner stores (as found on the BeeZero website) and the online validation platform, if available (General terms and conditions).

Is it possible to create a corporate account?

The creation of a corporate account is currently not feasible, but will be made possible in the future.

Reservation, activation and ending the rental:

How and on which platform can I make a reservation?

Available vehicles can be booked directly via the BeeZero app. Furthermore, MVG IsarCard subscription customers can also use the MVG multimobil app to make a reservation or to book the vehicle right on the spot. Before you start your first BeeZero journey you have to register. MVG IsarCard subscription customers can benefit from special conditions – by entering the subscription number you get a voucher to finish the registration process free of charge.

To provide you with an extensive mobility network, we plan to offer the BeeZero service on other platforms as well. Alternatively, you can also unlock and use available vehicles on the spot without any reservation in advance.

How far in advance should I make my reservation?

BeeZero aims to provide spontaneous mobility, meaning that in general, reserving your car well in advance is not necessary. However, it is possible to reserve the selected vehicle free of charge for the first 60 minutes. A reservation between midnight and 6:00 a.m. is also always free of charge. An extension of the reservation interval to more than the ordinary 60 minutes is possible by paying the normal price of usage (see price list).

For how long can I use the car (e.g. weekend)?

Both, the duration of usage and the maximum distance are not restricted by the BeeZero carsharing service. Please keep in mind, however, that the distribution of the fueling stations and the maximum range of the fuel cell electric vehicle representing limiting factors. (see also: “What is the maximum range of a fuel cell electric vehicle?“ and “Where can the FCEVs are refueled?“)

Do I have to specify a date/time of return when booking a BeeZero vehicle?

It is not necessary (and not possible) to specify a date of return when booking a BeeZero car.

How do I unlock and activate the car?

The opening and activation of the BeeZero car requires your email and the entering of a selected PIN code. You can choose your own PIN code when registering for BeeZero.

What should I do when it is impossible to unlock and activate the car?

Please call the Customer Service (0049 89 125034477) for further advice.

Is a smartphone necessary to unlock and activate the car?

Yes, opening and activation require the application of a smartphone.

Which type of smartphone can be used to unlock and activate the car?

The activation is not directly bound to specific smartphones, but to the installation of the BeeZero app which is required to unlock the car. The BeeZero app is compatible with the following operating systems: Android 4.3 and iOS 9, and also with the previous version iOS 8. Due to a lack of BLE support and depending on the operating system, the applicability of BeeZero might be limited or not possible if you use one of the older smartphone generations (e.g. iPhone 4).

How long does it take to unlock and activate the car?

The opening process requires just a few seconds.

Is the carriage of passengers limited?

The Hyundai ix35 Fuel Cell is designed for one driver and a maximum of four additional passengers.

Do I have to drive the car myself or is it possible to let others drive the car?

In general, you can let others drive the car, if they are registered and validated BeeZero customers. It is always necessary, that the customer who booked the BeeZero car is also in the car.

How do I end the rental?

As soon as you are back in the assigned parking zone, you can end the rental using the BeeZero app. Therefore, just push the button “End the rental“. The chance to return the car will only be visible when back in the assigned parking zone.

Parking and utilisation:

Where are the BeeZero cars located and how can I find them?

The BeeZero cars are assigned to the different parking zones in the city centre of Munich. To find the next available car, please use the BeeZero app. You can also view the location of the cars on the BeeZero website. At the beginning, the cars will be located in the city districts of Schwabing, Haidhausen, Glockenbach and Au. In addition, some of the vehicles have been stationed in Pullach.

Where can I return the car? How do I know where to return the car?

BeeZero is a zone-based carsharing service without designated parking spaces. Within the assigned parking zone (homezone), the car can be parked in any public parking space including residential parking (See “Where can I park the car in Munich?“)

To end the rental and return the car, it is necessary to be within the assigned parking zone (zone at time of pickup – homezone). Outside the parking zone, a return is not possible. The BeeZero app helps you to ensure that you are in the assigned parking zone

Where can I park the car in Munich?

In general, the car can be parked temporarily in any public parking space under consideration of the road traffic regulations. In the vehicle you can find a parking permit, enabling parking free of charge at any designated residential parking in the city centre of Munich. You can also make use of short-time parking areas and public parking spaces at Munich central station and in Munich old town. The parking fees for these usually chargeable public parking spaces do not apply. Parking fees required for private parking (e.g. car parks) have to be paid as usual.

within the so called “Altstadtring“ parking spaces are indicated by blue markings on the ground (“Blue Zone“). Parking within the blue-marked areas is free of charge. The quarters of the “Blue Zone“ are marked with appropriate signs at the beginning of the zone.

Is it possible to park the car being in a dead spot?

To make a reservation and to end the rental, Internet reception is required. Thus, booking and returning the car in a dead spot is not possible. To open, start and park the BeeZero car only a Bluetooth connection between car and smartphone is required. Therefore, interim parking in a dead spot (e.g. in the mountains) is possible.

Is it allowed to park in a car park or underground parking?

Yes, it is possible to park the BeeZero vehicle temporarily in an underground parking or car park if it is not explicitly prohibited. A Bluetooth connection is sufficient to open, to activate and to park the car. However, to make a reservation and to end the rental, Internet reception is required. Thus, you can use underground parking and car parks, but only for temporary parking.

What should I do when the car breaks down and what are the consequences? Do I get another vehicle?

In case of a breakdown, please contact our Customer Service 0049 89 125034477 for support.

Can I use BeeZero in other countries?

The BeeZero carsharing service can be used in Germany and abroad. There are no restrictions on the use of BeeZero in other countries. However, the availability of hydrogen fueling stations limits this kind of use.


How much does BeeZero cost?

The fees are based on usual market prices – without a premium for hydrogen. With our price structure, we encourage spontaneous and long-term use (e.g. for a journey to the mountains or to a lake) and, with our best price guarantee, we offer a transparent pricing for the carsharing service. You are always charged for our service to the exact minute. Detailed information about our pricing model is available on the BeeZero website.

Do I have to pay a registration fee?

To use the BeeZero carsharing service, you have to pay a once-only registration fee (see price list) but no further monthly or annual fees.

Do I have to pay a security guarantee?

No, a security guarantee is not required.

Can I book packages?

BeeZero provides different packages clearly specified in our price list, which you can find on the BeeZero website. The packages represent different types of use. Due to our best price guarantee, it is not necessary to choose a package in advance. We always calculate the best price for you, after each ride.

How and when will I receive my invoice?

The invoice is visible in the BeeZero app right after you return the car (under trip history). Within two days, you will receive your invoice via email.

What should I do when the invoice is not correct?

Please contact our Customer Service (e-mail: [email protected] ; phone number: (0049 89 125034477) for further advice.

Do I have to pay a fee when I cancel my reservation or not make use of my reservation?

A cancellation of the reservation within the first 60 minutes is free of charge.

Without a cancellation within this time, the reservation will be held until you end the booking – no matter if you have used the car or not – or until you cancel the reservation. For the extended reservation interval, we just charge the fee for the extra time. In order to avoid any unexpected costs, you will receive a reminder from our BeeZero team about 10 minutes before the expiration of the free reservation interval.

Do I have to pay for parking?

If you would like to park temporarily you have to pay the time price (see price list). Parking fees for usually chargeable public parking spaces in Munich do mostly not apply. Parking fees required for private parking (e.g. car parks) have to be paid as usual. (See: “Where can I park the car in Munich?“)

Which payment methods are accepted?

In a first step, we offer two different payment methods: SEPA direct debit and credit cards. In the future, Paypal will be added to our selection of payment methods.

Is BeeZero associated with certain partner bonus programmes?

BeeZero is currently not associated with any partner bonus programmes. However, we have partners, such as hotels, which offer a free registration, and partners, such as the Tegernseeer Brauhaus, which provide special offers – keep your eyes open and sign up for our newsletter at

Can “frequent drivers“ benefit from a special bonus programme or a discount?

BeeZero offers special conditions for “frequent drivers“. Details about our bonus programme will be announced soon.

Do I have to consider any other expenses (e.g. refueling)?

Costs incurred during ordinary use, such as refueling or cleaning, are included in our pricing model. If you would like to refuel the car on your own, we will deposit a fuel card in each vehicle in the future. Please keep in mind that we would like to test the fueling station under a certain degree of capacity utilisation first. Thus, we cannot provide an individual refueling process in the first few weeks. We will keep you posted.

Should I expect additional costs when using BeeZero abroad?

The conditions stay the same no matter if you use BeeZero in Germany or abroad. Additional charges may apply when using toll roads. Toll fees are not included in the BeeZero pricing model and have to be paid by the customer.


At the dispenser, I can choose between 300 bar and 700 bar. Is it possible to refuel the car using 300 bar?

No, you must not and cannot refuel the car with 300 bar. A mix-up is not possible due to technical reasons such as different fuel tank caps. If you have accidentally selected the 300 bar button at the dispenser in the future, this can easily be reversed.

How much hydrogen can be filled into the tank?

The tank of the Hyundai ix35 Fuel Cell has a capacity of 5.64 kg and withstands a pressure of up to 700 bar. Thus, you can only refuel the car with hydrogen using the 700-bar system.

What is the maximum range of a fuel cell electric vehicle?

According to the manufacturer, the maximum range of the Hyundai ix35 Fuel Cell is 594 km. In general, the range is influenced by the driving style and the use of electronic devices such as the air conditioning system. In practice, 400 km have been proven to be realistic.

Do I have to/can I refuel the vehicle on my own?

BeeZero offers a refueling service provided by the BeeZero team to ensure that you have a pleasant journey with our fuel cell electric vehicles. If you are interested in refueling the car on your own, we are happy if you do so in the future. At the beginning we would like to test the fueling station under a certain degree of capacity utilisation – we will keep you posted on the possibility of an individual refueling process.

Where can the FCEVs are refueled?

In Munich, refueling is possible at the Total station located at Detmoldstraße 1, 80935 Munich . The station is open 24 hours, 7 days a week. To find out more about hydrogen fueling stations in Germany, please go to the following website: Clean Energy Partnership .

The fueling station in Stuttgart (OMV) is not part of the CEP network. Therefore, it is not possible to refuel the car using the CEP fuel card. Nevertheless, refueling is in general possible using the own credit card; submit the fueling receipt to the Customer Service (e-mail: [email protected] ) to get the money back. The same is true for all the fueling stations outside Germany (Bozen (I), Innsbruck (A)).

For further information about the location of the fueling stations outside Germany, please download the Hyundai Fuel Cell app. This app presents the location of the fueling stations worldwide and their availability.

What should I do when the range on the odometer (at the beginning of the trip) is lower than the range specified in the app? Do I get another car?

The residual range presented in our BeeZero app base on a total range of 400 km, that is proven to be realistic having a full tank. The Hyundai ix35 Fuel Cell has an interactive fuel gauge that adjusts the range according to the driving behaviour. Thus, driving fast, for instance on a motorway, may reduce the specified range on the odometer. It is also possible that the odometer shows a range lower than the 400 km right from the beginning (activation of the car) due to the driving behaviour of previous customers. So, it might be helpful to check the fuel gauge at the beginning – not only the displayed remaining range.

Do I have to observe discharging when leaving the car unused?

The hydrogen is stored in gaseous form in a 700-bar pressure tank. The car tanks are tight enough to avoid any kind of discharge so that the tank content and, consequently, the range remain constant while leaving the car unused. Self-discharge is a phenomenon of batteries that cannot be applied to fuel cells.

Can I damage the engine by driving the car until the fuel is used up? What are the consequences I have to face?

Once a minimum tank level is reached, the fuel cell automatically turns off to prevent the engine from any damage. However, thanks to automatic transmission, the car has to be transported to the next fueling station and cannot be towed. Incurred expenses must be paid or refunded by the customer himself. Furthermore, according to § 23 StVO, the driver always has to keep the tank level in control. If you have a breakdown due to a preventable reason such as an empty tank, you will have to face certain fines. For instance, parking on a motorway is prohibited and results in fines (see schedule of fines) or even a penalty point in Flensburg.

Carsharing fleet & equipment:

How large is the BeeZero carsharing fleet and what type of vehicles are provided?

The BeeZero carsharing fleet initially consists of 50 fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs) of the type SUV Hyundai ix35 Fuel Cell.

Are always cars available (assuming an average utilisation)?

The BeeZero vehicles are assigned to the individual parking zones in Munich (see Parking and utilisation ) to provide a total of 3 to 5 vehicles for each zone to cope with the demand. However, on days of great demand (e.g. on Saturdays), bottlenecks can emerge.

Why does BeeZero focus on the SUV Hyundai ix35 Fuel Cell?

The availability of fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs) is still very limited. Besides Hyundai and Toyota, only Honda offers a serial production of FCEVs. German car manufacturers do not expect a first serial production before 2017. Of course, Linde is in contact with German car manufacturers such as BMW and consider also changes of the car fleet in the future.

Are the cars equipped with an integrated navigation system?

The vehicles are well-equipped including an integrated navigation system provided by the car manufacturer.

Do the cars have a parking assist system, and if so, what kind of system?

The BeeZero vehicles have a parking assist system at the back of the car. Besides acoustic parking sensors, parking is facilitated by an additional integrated rear view camera. Because of the automatic transmission, the cars provide a so-called “ramp function“: In case the gear stick is in the “D“ position (Drive), the car automatically starts driving (without the need to press the accelerator) when the brake is released. In case the gear stick is in the “R“ position (Rear), the car starts driving backwards in the same way.

Is it possible to pre-heat the car?

No, the car cannot be pre-heated but offers seat heating for the front and back seats.

Can I use my smartphone via a hands–free speaking system?

Yes, your smartphone can be connected to the hands-free speaking system via Bluetooth. Please keep in mind that making a phone call via a hands-free speaking system also influences the driver's attention. It might be a good idea to connect your smartphone and insert your destination into the navigation system before starting the engine.

What kind of connections (USB, AUX) are provided for charging a smartphone or listening to music?

Every BeeZero vehicle provides a smartphone holder including a charging cable for android–based smartphones und iPhones. Furthermore, two 12 V connections as well as a USB connection are at hand. The smartphone can be connected via Bluetooth to the car's infotainment system to play one's own music.

(Details: Charging cable, 4-in-1 USB cable, multiple adapter cable for iPhone, iPad, iPad Mini, iPad Air, iPad Pro, Huawei, HTC, Samsung Galaxy, Galaxy Note, Sony Xperia, Microsoft Lumia Nokia and for most android-based smartphones and tablets)

How large is the boot volume?

Thanks to the compact hydrogen tank, the boot volume of the Hyundai ix35 Fuel Cell is quite large, providing 591 to 1436 litres. When folding the backseats towards the front, the boot volume can be increased.

Are the BeeZero cars suitable for winter use

Yes, the tires are changed every season in compliance with the regulations. Snow chains are not provided but can be borrowed from the ADAC. The Hyundai ix35 Fuel Cell has a front wheel drive.

Is it possible to additionally book a roof rack?

Currently, booking of roof racks is not possible but may be provided in the future.

Does every car have a child safety seat, and if so, for what age?

Every BeeZero vehicle has a booster seat approved for children aged between 3 and 12 years and having a weight of 15 to 36 kg. If you cannot find a booster seat in your vehicle, please contact the Customer Service (e-mail: [email protected] ; phone number: (0049 89 125034477) .

Other questions:

Are pets allowed in the BeeZero vehicle?

The transportation of pets is not allowed unless the pets are in a closed cage, safely stored in the boot.

Am I allowed to smoke in the car?

Smoking in a BeeZero vehicle is not allowed.

What should I do when discovering a lost item in the car?

Please contact the Customer Service for further advice (e-mail: [email protected] ; phone number: (0049 89 125034477) .

What should I do if I have left an item in the vehicle?

Please contact the Customer Service (e-mail: [email protected] ; phone number: (0049 89 125034477) . The items are stored for a maximum of 4 weeks and will then be destroyed or, in the case of valuables, money or securities, passed to the municipal lost property office. When the lost item has to be shipped, a fee has to be paid according to the price list.

Insurance & contract:

What is my insurance cover?

Every car has a comprehensive insurance. The deductible is € 500.

Can I choose between different insurance packages?

No, there is only one insurance package and there is no possibility to reduce the deductible.

Do I need an extra insurance policy when using BeeZero abroad?

No, an extra insurance policy is not necessary for trips abroad.

What has to be observed in the event of damage?


  1. secure the scene of accident
    1. switch on the beacon
    2. put on the safety vest
    3. set the breakdown triangle within a distance of 100 m
    4. in case of minor damage, get the car out of the danger zone immediately
    5. in case of greater damage, do not remove skid marks and other accident evidence and wait until the accident is recorded
  2. care for the injured and inform the emergency rescue service
    • dial 110 or 112 (for free when using a SOS telephone, a public pay phone or a smartphone)
  3. call the BeeZero Customer Service (0049 89 125034477)
  4. documentation of the scene of accident and involved vehicles
    • write down the ID of the involved parties
    • write down important data such as number plate, address of car owner, insurance provider, policy number
    • write down the location and time of the accident
    • take photos of the accident and the involved vehicles
    • write down the name and address of possible witnesses of the accident
    • start with an accident report and let involved parties sign the document

The customer can leave the location of the accident when the acquisition of accident data by the police is completed. It is necessary to consult the BeeZero Customer Service (0049 89 125034477) to find out if the preservation of evidence is completed.

In case of an accident, the customer is not allowed to make assumptions of liability or other promises.

How can I report existing damages?

Before starting the engine, you should carefully inspect the vehicle for defects and impurities. If you detect a damage or impurity, take a photo and send the picture(s) via email ([email protected]) to the Customer Service. The damages will be successively collected by the BeeZero team. In the future, you will only have to report new damages or impurities to the Customer Service. In a next version, existing damages will be presented in a menu integrated into the registration process.

How to cancel the contract?

The customer contract does not include a fixed date of expiration. The customer can terminate the contract within a period of 4 weeks. Both parties reserve the right to terminate the contract due to extraordinary reasons.

Do I have to adhere to a period of notice?

In general, you can terminate the contract within a period of 4 weeks. An extraordinary termination is reserved to both parties and will be reviewed in detail when the case arises.

Additional information: BeeZero is free of any monthly or other periodic costs, so just being a registered customer is free of charge.

Does BeeZero reserve the right to cancel my contract in case of damage?

Both parties reserve the right to terminate the contract due to extraordinary reasons. In case of an unexplained damage or loss, BeeZero reserves the right to block the customer for any further reservations. The customer will be informed about the duration and reason of the blockage in written form. The individual cases will be reviewed in detail.

Do traffic offences affect my contract with BeeZero?

The offences and the handling charges are borne by the customer (see price list). BeeZero is entitled to block the customer for a certain period of time for further reservations. Outstanding bills can be a reason for such a blockage.