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Introducing BeeZero

BeeZero is the world’s largest and friendliest hydrogen-powered carsharing service. Join us today and let’s move the world with zero emissions.

Bee Together

With BeeZero, a brand-new, eco-friendly and modern form of mobility is coming to town. Thanks to innovative hydrogen technology, you can be part of it and help to reduce pollution and traffic noise without having to forego the amenities a car has to offer. The BeeZero carsharing service is an environmentally sound alternative to having your own car – for private getaways as well as for business trips. Of course, the people of Munich are not the only ones that can register for BeeZero – tourists are also welcome to discover the sights in and around Munich in a hydrogen car.

Bee an Adventurer

A getaway to the lake, a trip to the countryside, hiking in the mountains or just a drive to the hardware store – all of this can be done with BeeZero! Our Hyundai ix35 Fuel Cell hydrogen cars have a range of 400 km and seats for up to 5 people. So just hop in and get out of the city!

Bee the Future

BeeZero is part of a new movement that combines two current trends: ‘Sharing instead of owning’ and ‘zero emissions’. With this new form of carsharing, you can get a real experience of hydrogen technology and discover it for yourself. We believe in hydrogen as the driving force of the future and we would like to invite you to learn more about it. Just give it a try!

‘BeeZero’ stands for a new, emission-free mobility. The attractive brand with the bee in its name is an appeal to all to become part of an environmentally conscious society: Let's BeeZero! The ‘bee’ stands for nature and environmental protection, but also for a positive social behaviour designed to achieve common goals within a society.