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The BeeZero app

Download, unlock, drive off – that's the way BeeZero goes

For your day with BeeZero, all you need is your smartphone and the app. And off you go on your trip without any emissions at all.

How it works

Karten-Ansicht in der App

Find a car

You tell us where you are and we tell you where to find the next available car. We have 50 BeeZero cars within Munich – one will certainly be close to you!

Fahrzeug-Ansicht in der App

Reserve a car

You can reserve your BeeZero car with just one click. Very quick and simple. The first hour of the reservation is for free.

Ansicht der aktiven Buchung in der App

Drive your car

Open your car directly with the app – simple and convenient. You will not need any plastic cards. Only your smartphone and yourself are needed.