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Let’s BeeZero

BeeZero is the world's largest and friendliest hydrogen powered carsharing scheme. Join us and let's move the world with zero emission.

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Formula of hydrogen

Introducing hydrogen

The fuel of the future – for cars and more

It supplies more energy than any other fuel.

It's more friendly to the environment.

This time, you can believe the hype.

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Our prices – Zero emission doesn't have to be expensive

BeeZero offers you an economical transport alternative for a getaway to the mountains or for a relaxing drive to the lake – and all this without emissions and without foregoing all the amenities a car has to offer!

And here's how it works: Get your car for only 5.50 euros per hour – and then just pay the price per kilometre. That way, you can feel free to spend an extra hour at the lake or have another coffee.

So, just hop in and drive off!

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The BeeZero app

Download, unlock, drive off – that's the way BeeZero goes

For your day with BeeZero, all you need is your smartphone and the app. And off you go on your trip without any emissions at all.

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